Trump plans his escape


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
Joe Biden and his son colluded with foreign agents and committed serious crimes unlike Trump but the media and Washington establishment won't even question him about his egregious treasonous acts. They tried to bury the NYpost bombshell report about Hunter Bidens shenanigans but they failed, the truth shall come out and Bidens poll numbers have been dropping for the past couple of days. His reign over the polls is Over
Trump will not lose to that demented Biden and hypothetically if he does lose then I seriously have question if Americans are indeed The Western version of Reer 68.


Reborn | Neo geeljire
Democrats have lost their minds. If they win, they will investigate him for the next four years. Miskeen trump. I think he may run away to Saudia Arabia or Dubai and live his life as a Muslim


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