Trump has buried himself with this one

Looks like Putin was paying the Taliban To kill American troops. And the commander in chief of the united States military who knew about it back in March said let’s get russia back in the G7

he is going to lose the God and country base now. What a pussy


Illuminated Xalimo
Despite Trump's plummeting poll numbers, the spooks are still scared of a Hillary 2.0 situation and are pulling out the best of their been. Look forward to more whispering of Shaytaan being published in the Failing New York Slimes
Donald Trump gives off the image of being a "strong" leader, but he's a feckless pussy who can't do anything right.

He bows to Putin, allows Kim Jong Un to threaten America, and he slavishly praises Xi Jinping

How is he strong? What had Trump done in 4 years that would make him superior to Barack Obama?

When Obama was in charge, you didn't have these insane riots. You didn't have the breakdown of law and order.

And all this talk about "draining the swamp"....

Why didn't Trump go after the universities for pushing Marxist ideologies? Why didn't he seize their endowments? Why didn't Trump fire 1 million Federal employees and reduce the size of Government Departments? Why was the USA accumulating annual $1 trillion deficits when Trump was President? The dude couldn't even build a fucking WALL on Mexico's border.

He's an absolute failure by his own standards