Tribe is Apart Of Somalia

We cannot know who someone is or identify them if they are our family or not if we don't do an 'abtiris' on them. I am not sure why we are so 'anti tribe' in Somalia when it's an obligation in Islam to know who you are and to know who someone else is or else you could be in haram marriage if you don't who this person father is, they could be your long lost brother or sister who disappeared and changed religions or was adopted by gaalo and changed names. You will never know if this person is related to you dhinaca 'awoowaha ama abaha'. Heck maybe your father may have hidden a 'secret' fuck he had as teenager and had a child and the child doesn't know who his father is besides his 'first name and last name' but doesn't know where in Somalia to find him. That's why u will find Puntlanders in Oman who know exactly their relatives and family in PL and know their 'abtiris', so if I meet an Omani Girl who is Puntlander but looks arab now and I find out we share the same 'father' or 'awoowe' it is going to be a 'identification' ama 'waan is garan karna' inaan family nahay sida quranka uu sheego bahasha qabiilka waa in laysku gaarta keliya.

Stop banning Tribe topics, maybe tribalism or using it for evil purposes is wrong but it also is needed or else no marriage can be verified in Islam to ensure it's halal and not between the same brother and sister. Many families break down or divorce and they disappear. For example my ayeeyo who is issa mahmoud if she had another child, my dad would have to find out or else if he meets them, they could've of got married together not knowing 'isku hoyo' dhashay.

I would say we need to keep track of 'hoy tiris' not just 'ab tiris' cause we cannot marry someone in our family who is our brother or sister according to Islam so we need to ensure there is no loop hole or some long lost people who ended up in divorce and left their cities or towns or country do not cross each other in the street. For example I never met my 'cousins' in garowe badiyo. manta haday iga hor imaadan sydney, I have to enquire his name, his awoowe name, and abtiris. I will abtiris and find out 'allah isku awoowe ayaan nahay' and then we hug and say war ina adeer iska waran and we connect as family. It's beautiful tradition and totally halal, Stop being so anti tribe on the SPOT.

The spot promotes neo-colonalism racialism project which has failed. Go take an eritrean with golden skin color, thin hair, thin nose and take him to anywhere in Somalia and say 'war somaliyay' niinkani he is going to be apart of your tribes or region based on looking similar to you guys, you know what will happen don't you? Somalis will tell you we don't make brothers based on how someone looks or how wide his nose is and how thin his hair is. He will be treated like a shisheeye as he has no family roots in anywhere in Somalia. He will fall under foreigner card and this is how Neo-traditionalism policies of mine will deal with these people. Do you all support my neo traditionalism policies or do you support neo colonialism 19th century racialism? even though u know racialism which 'phenotype' will never be accepted as unity tool in Somalia.

For me to accept neo-colonialism would require me to 'adopt' anyone who looks similar to me in public and make them apart of my family even though they do not come from my father or mother? how the fuck does this work? it's not even natural racialism and phenotype politics.
The only way in Islam that is acceptable is 'tribes or nations' not racialism. You can't unite people based on phenotypes since there is no blood relation so that won't work, you can't say his the family. Plus if he isn't apart of your nation you have no bond of language, culture, religion. So you can't even communicated with this fuckwit eritrean, literally he will stand there in the middle of somalia and have no ability to speak to us unless we find our 'intermediate' language like arabic or english. So u see I can accept nation card will work based on 'somalinimo' yes then we can be nation but doesn't mean were family at all. We share a common tongue to communicate, common cultural value system, common land, and a common religion. I can see this working. I can say 'war ninkani iyo anigu somali baan nahay' ileen we share a few things in common like our language and culture. But I will never say ninkani isku reer baan nahay like @Mckenzie wants us to say, this is haram, your trying to eliminate people fathers and mothers and historical lineages.

Lakin wiilka eritreanku ama jareerku hadu barto luqadeena, dhaqankeena iyo diinteena haysta, yes waa loo aqbalaya inu somali yahay ileen somali ma aha reer amd family unit ama hal qoys. Just like Australia don't share the same families for fuck sakes, they share a common nation and culture. Anyone can be an australian. So anyone can be a Somali be it jareer or white man or black man. That just requires language skills, culture skills, and religion of islam. That's all you need to be a Somali. It's not blood relation, we dont come from the same families.