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Tribalism rife in Hargeisa city, Somaliland region, Somalia

I disagree with the 3/4 statement. I think it might be political motivated if that is the case . Sl political politics is very qabilist and disgusting. Personally, I don't think suldaans should even be in politics nor commenting on political affairs. But, instead should be focused on their tribe. wallahi, It really is disgusting the statement being made by 3 of those men it is nothing more than qabilyaalad cadanka which is blatantly obvious. Therefore, it seems to be the norm now judging by the reporter/ reporters reaction.

"Lacgata wan dooniya shubo DAHABSHILL"

Hargeisa residents are very friendly regardless of qabil. When I was in SL, I lived in area an that appeared to be a mostly Arap neighbourhood where my relatives lives and I never got mistreated that was around the time of the 05 election. Habar Jeclo is always welcome in Hargeisa because it's their home too.

Habar jeclo waa dud geesi
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