Translating a Somali Political Memoir to English and Arabic

I would like to translate the political Memoir (Halgaan iyo Hagardaamo: taariikh nololeed) of the late Somali President Col. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed to English/Arabic and make it available for the public. How best can I take on this endeavour?

Should I work with my University or go at it solo. I would like to make the memoir of my former President available to the average man and higher institutions of learnings here in the West in English and Arabic.

May Allah have mercy on my beloved clansman and President.

إن لله ما أخذ وله ما أعطى وكل شيء عنده بأجل مسمى
Translation is a very difficult business. It is not as easy and straightforward as it sounds. It will probably take you a good 2 years or so to get right. A whole project by itself.