Transformers ain't leaving my sis Alone !


A pious muslima.
Men in dresses and feminazis, female incels kpop fans, furry and degenerated are trending #RIPJKRowling on twitter....

ALL that because she says sex is real, don't call women people who menstruate.
Also JK Rowling’s new book: Cis man dresses as a woman to kill his victims and they are mad at it.... lol popular theme but ok ladyboys.

Transformers message is clear they want to take the place of bio women.

May Allah destroys them and their allies.

Wallahi all that is because of feminist fault. :pacspit:

I don't want my future son to be in a forced marriage with a transformer. :jcoleno:

Somali Hannibal

I stay solo cruising
Jk rowling big smart. Made one of her most famous characters gay and got $$$ then switched up her message and realased a book which got the He-She's mad asf


It's all so tiresome
She's in it for the controversy and always has been.

Attention is a drug.


A pious muslima.
It’s matter of time these freaks kill her
lol please no don't wish evil for my sis.
Joke Aside I am shocked to see how much power they got in so little time... like women and men are coming together to support them massively without thinking about the consequences for them.

Shaytan is working hard.


A pious muslima.
She's in it for the controversy and always has been.

Attention is a drug.
the only thing I am side-eyeing her for it's her being cancelled by the same audience she pandered for.
well, she makes her coins but at a bigger level, anyone can be in a JK rowling position tomorrow.
It's a war on us women.
Everybody was warned loud and clear. In 2020 women gotta hold their own nuts, cause those trannies sure as hell are... with those big protruding knuckles.

My money is on the trannies


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