@TorontoPolice Update Re: Homicide #26/2016, Abdullah Farah

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Update Video:

Abdullah Farah, 20, of Toronto, was pronounced dead in hospital after shots were fired from a white four-door sedan around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, April 16, 2016.

Police previously said Farah and two males tried to enter hookah lounge Cloud 9 Cafe at 1530 Danforth Ave., but Farah was denied at the front door. As the trio walked south on Danforth Avenue, shots were fired from an eastbound vehicle. The vehicle fled northbound on Coxwell Avenue, running a red light.

Police said Farah, who didn’t have a criminal record and no known gang ties, was targeted.

I remember this case! Miskeen he was so young!!! AUN. This shisha bar has been the scene of more than one farax's murder. I hope it is shut down. We as a community also need to do better, we need to hold the killers in our midst accountable!

ETA: Family speaks at 4:55 of 1st video!
The nervous wreck that is the detectives declined to inform us, the viewer, if the deceased was known to police.

If he wasn't my deepest condolences and if he was known it was unfortunate qasaaro.

Either way, Allah ha u naxariisto.


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I don't understand why the two young men he was with that night haven't come forward? How can you not feel compelled to help in any way you can in the murder investigation of your FRIEND? I can't imagine every being that cowardly or callous! Just give some background as to what happened that night. Wallahi only Somali people could be so odious!
They weren't good friend to begin with a lot of ppl hang with people they consider friends but what kinda friend would let the ones who killed you getaway
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Somali people are such failures, the men aspire to be hoodrat gangsters while the girls run around looking like drag queens or running after rappers.

In between all of this there are successful somalis, but the bad are SLOWLY outnumbering the good.
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