Top5 taunts dead Somali kids Hoyoo


Forza Somalia!
He’s making fun of his own edoo

the kid called clutch he always mentions and taunts in his music is his own cousin some crazy ish :francis:
What ?
What his and her qabiil are doing? It is impossible that they can't find him while killing one of their own. Or has his family bigger influence


She into animals cos she f*cking with the 🐐
He's a sick f*ck so doubt he will get to hall of Fame. He'll get chewed up in Qashin forum

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the guy.

But the amount of violations he would get on an AMA thread would be top tier.

Vito Rizutto

Afhayeenka SL
1. No I live in Norway but I want to move to Canada in the future.
2. I'm asking for his name because of my interest in basketball, I wanted to see if he was a good baller.
He’s a good baller if he’s playing division 1 college basketball

he scored 103 points in one game in high school :dead: