Top5 gets punked on video

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child of afgooye
top 5 is miskiin only somali rappers in toronto that i know are with the shits are puffy lz and robin banks
that being said them niggas *****es and wouldnt do shit solo to an actual rappers thats gang affiliated
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child of afgooye
I swear from that nigga getting smacked around to this nigga getting chased around Toronto is giving Somalis bad name they making us look like *****es:ivers:
But Toronto is hard they said:ivers:
@Gucci mane you niggas featherweight :ivers:
we got street cred and these madoows know it:kodaksmiley:they just took advantage of the fact that top 5 wasn't with the shits


child of afgooye

What's the explaination for this
them ovo goons got my nigga mo g :wow: i told him not to spill the ovo beans i guess the ovo sweatshop can feel like solitary confinement and he just had to break free :wow1: and i heard some of the niggas that jumped him were somali that had a previous issue with him involving halal gang and joined in on the jumping, this wouldn't happen to puffy lz tho :sass1:


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wtf is up with reer toronto, somalis making us look bad all over the world :farmajoyaab:
These a reason I don't respect Somali gangs and goons. They're quick to punk on each other without hesitation. But when it comes to ajanabi; they let it slide. If bodies don't drop for this, Top 5 and his boys take an enormous L.


Sug dee ninyahow
Black people are truly a cancer to this society. Grown ass men acting like elementary school bullies. They're not savages they're *****es. What is top5 going to do to fight 6, 7 cows? They're truly lowest scum on earth.

Black people will always be at the bottom. Always as long as they act like this, uncivilized baboons. They should put that energy into looking for their fathers. Bunch of untrained bastards.
We slap them like *****es in manny
Fam i don't care about this wasteman. Your acting like somalis are united in tdot. People rep there blocks out here tf i care about this bum ass yute:nahgirl:
Exactly, I only care about the Somalis from my hood. We came up together, went to school together, held the block down together.

This why maadow niggas be dropping like flies cuz they only rep their block...Go ahead Rep ur block the city gonna still see y'all as weaklings. That dude in the video needs to be pistol whipped , leave him with a broken nose.
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