Too all you Slanders..

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I want to know which xisbi do you support and why. One thing I've noticed is xisbiyaashi hore was not so much qabil orientated. Now all I see is all this devision. Its mad, but hopefully they work things out lol.

Qarhajis = wadani
Jeeganta = Kulmiye
Qarhajis = Ucid

I like MBA, he seems like a man's man. He prides dhulkiisa.

Where as I don't know much about cirro other then having a mean right hook against Bashe who has breathing problems.

And Faisal Cali Warabe is probably the more laandheere out of them (so I've been told) but the guy isnt serious lol.

Please feel free to Inform me more about these xisbis if I'm missing something
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