Tomorrow is 911 so I had an intriguing question

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when was the first time you heard of OBL?

What about the Taliban ?

Did you knew Saddam Hussein all your lives, as far as you can remember ?

Have you met a Somali kid named Saddam?


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Never met a Somali named Saddam other than that fat kid who used to frequent somnet. He tried to sell me a stolen iphone in front of Dudley Square.

First time I heard about OBL and the Taliban was on 9/11. I heard about Saddam Hussein before 9/11 but wasn't too familiar with why he was famous. I still remember the day he was found in that hole. My mom rushed into my room and woke me up from the greatest nap of my life to tell me. I still don't know why she thought I cared about some homicidal dictator getting caught. :kanyehmm:
Somewhere in America, in a dark room, men with security clearances are scrambling to process Information on everyone on this forum determining threat levels because of certain keywords in this post.
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