TODAY KENYA OPENLY said “we’ll disregard the ICJ ruling. We’ll create problems for Somalia”


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
Hey guys please stop underestimating yourselves while overestimating the power of the wrong doers. They can huff and puff til the sun comes up but when Somalia gets complete legitimacy over it’s maritime, then we have all the power to do what’s necessary. There’s no international oil company that will go against the ruling of the courts. Kenya is not a super power, nor do they possess the equipment and the technical hows of extracting crude oil. Believe in yourself :)


You expected something here didn't you?!?!?
Well, they can go as ape shit as they want, it's just means that the ICJ will side more with Somalia in this claim. I don't understand how these people act like that and then blame the FGS for "instigating" and "prolonging" the dispute, we've even been blamed for "colonizing" them- WTF are they smoking??

Well, I don't really care at this point, if a war occurs, the Somalis in t he South of the country will simply unite, one way or another, and push Kenya back, if not completely prevent them from entering the nation. Plus, Turkey, may Allah SWT bless them, said they'd side with us and help defend the territorial waters in the konffur, so we should be ok on water, since a naval engagement is prevented. The only problem now is setting up AA defenses, the KADF have some F5 fighter jets, although old are still deadly, unless we can get some AA guns around key location, we'll have to rely on reer Hawiye's legendary RPG anti-air defense systems- we all know how good they are.


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