Today Is Adeer Nas's Birthday

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How do you know about illmatic. Aren't you like 19? :gucciwhat:

Whenever AZ features in Nas' song, he always kills him in his own joint.

AZ' part was also better in their collab in stillmatic

Young niggas listen to dope music too :gaasdrink:
Great collab btw:z1banet::z1banet: AZ criminally underrated


Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
Exposed him how?

Listen to ether and you will see why jay-z never attempted to have beef with another rapper. Jay-z was destroyed.
TBH nas was never the same after the beef. Jay Z dissed with few bars and nas replied with a whole song. Ether was full of childish insults I.e big lipped ******, tai-bo Ho. Ether is whack.

And to add salt to the injury, HOV signed him to his label :ohlord:


Ibnu Suxuufi Ibnu Al Dhoobe

Yo dunn Before the sunset
Call connect get all the teks
I'm vexed this nigga soft as sex
Lost respeckt lets off his neck
My caliba
Got me thinkin on a higher algebra
See me im just as foul as ya
But you aint got no style in ya
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