"Time is over for American hegemonic discourse"

Time is over for American hegemonic discourse

There is an inherent difference in the approach of the two major global powers - China and the United States – to international relations. The latter seeks a world in which the nations have a toothless national defense and remain obedient so that it could overpower them at will for its hegemonic objectives.

In order to placate the lust of its worldwide dominance, U.S. invaded and intervened in several sovereign countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and toppled some of the legitimate governments to rationalize the deployment of 200,000 troops at hundreds of military bases around the world in the name of preserving freedom and security.

China's emergence as a major economic power in the last several decades, without posing a threat to overrun the sovereignty of any nations while promoting the notion of cooperation and engagement, injected a fresh impetus to the world and ripped up decades-old American model of controlling by force."


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