Tik Tok should be banned. The kung flu virus of a app should be banned especially to ladies who are soo easily brainwashed. Come on man.

You like to create an argument about everything. Get lost
U are justifying a trash app.
Let me use ur arguments to justify me taking drugs

Taking drugs helps me give a much needed relaxation time
Taking drugs helps me with social anxiety
Taking drugs is fine as long as it is in small amounts
Taking drugs has helped me become alot smarter
I don't know. I learned a lot from TikTok tbh. Sometimes I get much needed laugh. Sometimes it helps with my anxiety when I'm around people. Is not so bad if you don't spend too much time on it. But that can be said about many things. I think it should be banned for under 18s tho :ummhmm:
If you use tik tok, it’s almost certain you are hooked on it, these Chinese developers use addictive methods to keep you hooked. Many say “I don’t use tik tok a lot” , but they do and time goes fast while you’re on that app.

Somalis back home are even worse, detrimental to them, they do some cringe shit etc, but at the same time I don’t blame Somalis back home, it’s tough life back home, where’s there’s no jobs etc, so tik tok could be there way to gain attention, which will give them much needed money.

Whereas Somalis in the west, should stop using it, we have become zombies, with no attention span, OCD, depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions are through the roof now since the emergence of TikTok, completely destroyed our dopamine, it’s time to stop.
but avoid the whole "kung flu" bullshit its racist af


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