Three men sexually assaulted nine horses, a cow, a goat and dogs

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Three Pennsylvania men who sexually assaulted more than a dozen animals over a five-year period will spend up to 41 years in prison, according to Local 10 news.

The three animal “lovers,” identified as Matthew Brubaker, 31; Marc Measnikoff, 34, and Terry Wallace, 41, were sentenced to 20 to 41 years for forcing themselves on a cow, a goat, nine horses and an unspecified number of dogs. A teenage boy was allegedly tasked with restraining the animals while the twisted trio committed their bizarre crimes.

The horses that were assaulted by the men were all females, according to local station WTAJ, which also reported the animals were places in the care of Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
How can you get sentenced to 40 years for fucking a goat

Yet rapists can get sentenced to only 5 years?


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The irony is, the animals were the custody of animal cruelty society and they entrusted these human animals.

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