Thoughts on the WNBA


Plotting world domination
LMAO the majority of women who the WNBA are white so at least let their fellow counterparts eat. Meanwhile madow women would rather watch overweight ghetto bums fight on reality tv then support their fellow sisters
Majority of the wnba is madow. Like 70-80% madow


Plotting world domination
WNBA need to get paid more . People need to start watching wnba . More views = more money for the players .

It's mainly middle aged men watching.

Women are suppose to be the main ones supporting but y'all are no where to be seen :reallymaury:

Y'all would rather watch fake reality TV fights instead of supporting your local women's basketball team :kodaksmiley:
Tbh I feel like it's mainly middle aged madow men with daughters that played basketball that watch the sport.
Nah I watch some games when I'm bored and it's usually a majority white families. There is a decent amount of madow men who take their daughters. See how the madow mothers are missing?