THOSE WHO ARE TUNED into Somalia property speculations please come in. ADVICE ME!


I have no proof, only whispers
A close relative of mine who is very business oriented has made a call to my family and other relatives here in the West.

He is someone who is good natured and who wants everyone to eat good.

He is advising us to grab some lot of lands between Hargeisa and Berbera. The spot is midway to Berbera. He has informed us that a land rush is happening due to DP world affairs. This corridor will be hella busy.

80 x 80 plot is going for $700

I grabbed 3 plots

I figured that it wouldn’t be very damaging even if it goes bust but I can at least build a home in the middle of nowhere. Probably a farm. However, he stated that it appears a new mini town is about sprung up in this location.

Have I made a good decision?

Mini towns just spring up without government approval?