Those MEN who are NOT PICKY


مخلوط سیرین افغان
What are you made of?? They have zero aesthete in them. They are NOT motivated by outer beauty like the normal average man is. A woman would do, as long as virgina is available. I find them very fascinating. They are not moved by beauty at all. Sometimes their women look like men, no make up at all. Is that what the original man was like?

Take the black men for instance. (even though in this thread i am addressing somali men)

Black men like the most man looking muscle adoon woman as a sexual partner. It defies the physic of erection.

Or do they apply animal kingdom humping and mating law? Basra wants to know for the sake of Research
It all depends on the women available to you. Black guys date black women and those women have aggressive shaniqua cray cray features.
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Cadaanka iska ilaali
I'm a guy and I just use him as a profile picture. It's funny because when I used a pretty Turkmenistan woman that made people think I was a woman.:faysalwtf::ayaanswag:
It’s just the username 😃 please tell me your at least a pretty guy cuz who even uses that word


مخلوط سیرین افغان
It all comes down to testosterone levels, the lower it is, the more picky the male is.

Males with very high T Levels like in the old days didn't even see the bride prior to marriage, nor had any desires too, he didn't even care about her personality, all that mattered is that she was a female with all her limbs in tact.

You still see this in our baadiyo culture, and it comes as no surprise that the West African males whom overall have the highest levels on average can stomach the types of female that would induce vomit in the average male.

I remember a time when I had clean fresh air and round the clock sun, combined with a fantastic diet filled with oysters (high in zinc boosts T)

A girl that I would normally consider an ugly vomit inducing baby elephant "2" in depressing UK appeared like a wifeable 9+ qalanjo to me in that tropical climate.

Western males due to there diet, sedentary lifestyle and lack of sun have the lowest T levels, hence why they are so picky with females.
That's all lies are you just a ugly woman using shaming tactics??:mjlol:


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