This is Wuhan right now


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"How to make the ultimate virus"-pool. There are handful viruses and decease came out from that country since covid-19 :damsel:


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China won, now they can drop a virus every time they feel commercially threatened and overcome it like nothing

they bankrupt you and then they sell you the vaccine


Gang shxt we in dis bxtch, huruud on deck!
A whole new deadly virus is brewing there and will be unleashed soon


Nuur Caraale ii geeya!
I hope a cataclysmic earthquake occurs at the Three Gorges Dam and wipes loads of them out, nacalaa.


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I hope president Trump takes action,

This is your chance Trump, don't fail us.


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Skinny Faaraxs asking for Wuhan to be nuked ?
do ya want the world to end as we know it :mjlol:
meel fariista nacalaa...

btw , they said they didn't have a single case in 3 months , that's why they're partying, government sponsored event .


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