This is why you should make your Mehr 25k and more.


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Aim for the sky "50k+":oh6b81q::abuxyga: and you'll reach the ceiling 40~k. She seems different and mashallah she did the right thing the halal way but the man who left her missed a lot, just hope he doesnt pay 1k + for his next as he seems to be


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I wouldt worry about mehr if I were u at this point in your life u might have to pay to get married :pachah1:
Habarta bufkeed might beg to get married, khaniisyahow,

Whoever laughed will get punished.

***takes notes***

Apologize this instant.


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Marriage these days is like taking a huge gamble just marry to have kids ( the best thing that comes out of a halal marriage) and have your own shit don’t rely on anyone financially. High or a low Mehr it doesn’t matter what matters is that you know you are the only one who can guarantee happiness for yourself don’t expect it from someone else.


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Look at this young lady, she asked her Meher to he 146 euros, and now she's divorced. The husband don't have anything to lose if you set your Mehr less than 25k. Make him fight for the marriage.

Ladies please take notes.

Thats a pound sign not euro

if u want those amounts at least know the difference


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