This is what Black women have been reduced to

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All I see is a square with the sad face in the middle and the top right corner is folded...

Might wanna re-check/fix the link.


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Disgusting, imagine if she farts, there's whole lotta wind, might even give couple of Faraax bidaar.

That can't be real (atleast I hope not), apparently there are fake doctors who are injecting people with cement, tire sealant and mixture of other substances, this looks like one of those jobs.
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:uCkf6mf:I've noticed the sad trend that people in here look for videos to be outraged about an insult primarily women:O27GWRK:

That potato looks like most y'all over-weight mother's, so stop being a :donkey:
Imagine how sweaty her booty gets in the summer.:susp::mjlol:

It must be 45C+ down there after 5 minute walk. All that friction and sweat. :vqbuyv0:

Waxa ka si daran she spread her butt cheeks wide open to perform a number 2:browtf: how can she clean her self afterwards. :damn:
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