This is embarrassing and NOT cute.

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Both the mom and the kid are moryaans. How is she sitting there and letting her kid eat off a stranger's bucket? The kid needs to know stranger danger.

If you watched the video you would he knew she was eating popcorn with him at the same time.

Also according to the comments the mother is a close friend if Prince Harry and that's why they're seating together.

But also she is not a great parent. Even if it's a friend it's wrong to steal.

All she did was look away

Look at the gaal cawaan at 00:53 in the video, he pulled away once he realised the little Euro monster was emptying his bucket. Just give the baby the whole thing you ginger rat.

There's nothing more dhuuni than a gaal.


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The baby needs discipline. Maybe she's gonna take some cocaine next time. Smh careless mother

It's cute on camera but annoying when kids stick their dirty hands in people's foods. If they're her age I will tolerate it though since toddlers are way too adorable

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What's next for that kid? This behavior shows that she's steps away from a life in crime and clearly bad parenting is to blame. I'm totally utterly shocked at the ginger man's enabling this crime. It shows the decay of family structure in white society. That kid probably grew up on food stamps and knew nothing about hard work and discipline
She clearly not stealing when there is implicit consent, that is 101 in criminal law.

Instead he knew about her wanting popcorn and low-key shares with her, and she's a baby and the mother can learn her another time not tot take what is yours.
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