This Imam should be arrested for child abuse but those parents won't bc

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he is a sheikh from their clan

It took place in MN

Till this day I hate my dugsi macalin. He honestly traumatized me.

He would order us boys to take off our shirt and blind fold ourselves. Then he'll whip you to oblivion
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Being a "sheikh" is quick access to undue societal respect with little to zero effort on their part. That's why a good percentage of men drawn to the sheikh profession are disturbed to begin with, and I suggest you study them very carefully indeed whether they're to be teachers to your children, or especially if you're accepting them into your family circle.


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At least he tried to fight back. I don't want him arrested. I want him to do this to more kids so they leave this nonsense at an early age.


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That macaalin probably cares about him more than his own father:mjohreally:and none of those hits look serious, just teaching the boy the right lessons :westbrookswag:
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