Third series of stranger things


Firstly, the second series was over hyped

I wanna know if the third series is good or should I not waste my time

Rubbish. Watch the German show Dark instead.
Where can I find it?

I wanna learn German and Adolf Hitler is my hero. I wanna emulate what he did in Somalia one day inshallahy, replace jews for anyone who isnt ethnic somali.:browtf:


recommend other german shows and where to find them.:dabcasar:
I'm on episode 3 of season 3 and it is meh, what is wrong with some of these screen writers these days, from GOT to American horror story and a few others and now this smh.
the third season was okay but its mainly cuz of Dustin and his group they were good everything else was meh, espeically the Mike and El relationship drama, that was hella boring.