They towed my car at downtown 3 months ago, I requested a hearing and

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President - Sexaholics Anonymous, Ohio chapter
I won on the Menace vs The City of Columbus..

5 weeks later, today, they send me my fcking check :diddyswag::diddyswag:

f*ck I should've been a lawyer that hearing I corrected the judge because he was reading from the wrong folder, it wasn't me ..I didn't correct him first till he swore me ..I said "your honor! I think you have the wrong information, that's not my car " :drakelaugh:

He looked at it and said "you are right " and he looked at his assistant for giving him the wrong folder.

Then I proceeded to state my case. I had my finger crossed as he took a deep breath and then awarded back to my my money.

That feeling of justice working ..walahi it's amazing :rejoice::rejoice:

Here the check

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