They destroyed Somali businesses.


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Big L for these clowns

Revolution kulaha you guys are looting minority owned businesses and shopping malls :mjlol: barely any Cadaan owned high end stores are being touched or the cops, watch how more madows get shot cos of this lmao
Police stations are burning rn:ahh:


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It was Somalis that looted the stores. Why the hell would Black people take suuqar and guntinos from shops? It’s our fault, stop blaming the white man or the black man.
The Madows started this, take your bs somewhere else.


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I hope so... But they destroyed quruxlow, for what?
I was hoping they spare the minority owned business, that’s what happened with the LA riot. Did you see the police station? It’s burning down lmao they should have started with that


The Madows started this, take your bs somewhere else.
I’m not debating that point. The Somalis shops were looted by Somali protestors. So, how is that black peoples fault? Are Somali people so animalist that they can’t avoid their own people? Sounds like Somalis in this area are no different than the madows you try to distinguish them from.
I saw niggas loot 12 high-end Rolex's and boxes full of diamonds and jewelry. That's literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even a million they made easily. You could buy a palace in most places in the world with that type of money :faysalwtf:

I'm so jealous rn :damsel:


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Meh Somali businesses are overrated I'd hypothetically be just fine without em :kanyeshrug:

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