These Somalis are *Incredibly* weird

How sad can you be to put the Qatar flag In your bio, when you’re not a Qatari National, you probably have never been to Qatar and your only claim is a arab daddy myth, mind you issaq only started saying they’re arab really recently, weren’t they just Dir for most of history, and No dir Believes in the arab daddy myth. The second hand embarrassment is really strong.
I dislike insecure losers that needlessly hate on Arabs or feel the need to bash them to prove their blackness. This guy is a str8 wanker though, how can you represent a country that won't even acknowledge you formally? How can you rep a flag of a country you have no nationality of?


"Only the weak demand equality..."
I really don't get why some Somalis perform strip dances and ass-clap for useless Arabs. Is it really hard for people they're Somali and Somali full stop?
Why are some somalis so desperate to be Arab? What exactly are you benefitting by playing their little monkey, considering what the Libyans do to our brothers and sisters. Self hate is embarassing


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