TheDimeRamla Is Spreading Fitna and Fasaad


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This might be a good commercial for the twerkathon, I got to give these halimos credit for the creativity :farmajoyaab:but the should put that effort to something useful like writing like @A_A where creativity can be used positively
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He already knows but is trolling you. :wow1:

@World they are about 40-45% ethnic Somali, but there are issues with the algorithm when it comes to multi-generational Afro-Arabs. :yacadiim:
They are even more noisy and unreliable than 23andMe. Genuine Somalis score only 80-90% Somali on MyHeritage while on 23andMe it is 95-100%.
Thanks @Apollo and lool no need to troll me I'm only like a quarter Benadiri myself @World


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Not anymore. @Nilotufian got 95 % somali on it.

If you only get 25 % somali then there is no way around it, you can’t be considered somali.

That Ethiopian Jewish score could be mostly Somali, imo.

Anthromadness did some analyses on them and they are about 40-45% Somali type of Cushitic. The rest is Middle Eastern, Swahili, and Desi.
Doesn’t change the fact that the girl in the op is not somali, she is only half benadiri(who are majority non-somali) and half indian. She has majority timo jilec dna.
You don't even know that for sure, not that I care to argue about random individuals. Also, what they're doing on insta is beyond gross so it should be called out.

But like Apollo just explain most Benadiris are nearly half ethnic Somali, again not as foreign as most make them out to be. They're also wadanis and only identify with being Somali.