TheColi and LSA dagaal ii ku juran

Bruh stop lying! 不不不不不不
Lipstickalley and thecoli is majority ADOS.
[We have an ADOS amongst us]
He's kinda right on that one. I've noticed a lot of the divest crowd that participate in gender wars on Twitter are non-ADOS blacks. If you go on their Twitter profiles you will see Nigerian or some Caribbean flag on there. That's not to say there aren't ADOS black women who share the same sentiment but a lot more of them are Caribbean & West African black women from what I've noticed.
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He might be Somali, idk. The video fits Somalis yall act like Dominicans and Puerto Ricans.
"I'm not black like those madows :mjpls:"

Ok mzungu
But we don't speak in a Spanish accent and we're not the same as dominicans as they are clearly black :mjlaugh: Genetics say alot about Somalis not being black