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Hi Friends!

It’s been while since I last logged in. I was planning on posting on New Years however I won’t be around by then so I’d like to post now. I’ve noticed that we now have a lot of new faces, and new characters as I whizzed through the many threads on the general and other sections as well. Also it almost seems magical when I noticed the lower number of Qabil Threads!! But the increase in gender war threads doesn’t help at all, however you folks have changed for the better!

Usually before the new year comes in, I always like to stop for a moment and look back at what I had achieved, failed and hoped to do, but never did. I would make a list of these things at the end of the year and try to come up with better lists. However this year was quite different.

Back late last year, I had read up a cute story about a newlywed couple. They had already gone through the “honeymoon” phase of their marriage, and the bad “reality” of their marriage had started to kick in. Arguments, disagreements, fights and the usual whole nine yards. New Years had rolled up, and their 2nd year together was on its way. Knowing this, they had decided to make a new resolution for the both of them with this following idea.

They had decided to keep a large wooden box that had two separate compartments and slits for each compartment. They would each keep little notes of the happy things that had happened to them individually in their marriage in one compartment, and the bad things that had happened in the other compartment. As the year rolled by, the couple weren’t in a “happy” state with each other, but decided to go through the box and read up the notes they had written almost a year ago.

The happy notes had reminded them of the good little things that occurred in their marriage. The way the husband would creep up behind his wife and carry her up suddenly, the new recipe the wife had tried but had horribly failed leaving the husband laughing his ass off, the creative birthday gift the husband had wrapped under so much wrapping that the wife had given up unwrapping her gift, making them both crack in laughter e.t.c

The notes had brought a relief to all the negative aspects in their marriage, but they had one problem. Given the magnitude of effect the happy notes had, would the bad notes invoke stronger negative feelings towards themselves? Should they discard the bad notes away?

They decided to take the chance and read them up. Opening up the box nervously, they noticed something strange. Before opening the box, they felt like that the majority of their marriage was filled with fights and arguments, however in the bad compartment, it had only a few notes, compared to the happy compartment, with many of their notes. Reading the notes, a few snickers had escaped from their nasal cavities. A pause later and they had both broke in laughter.

The things they seriously fought about were so miniscule and insignificant that it had seemed such an immature thing to fight about. The one time the husband had forgotten a protein bar in his pocket. The wife had done their laundry together and the protein bar had totally ruined her dresses, or the one time the wife had accidently and unknowingly used vanilla extract instead of soy sauce in her cooking and got mad when she saw how disgusted her husband was after eating her meal, or the one time the wife had challenged the husband to play street fighter with her and he didn’t go easy on her, or the one time the wife had tripped over the computer wires while the husband was working on it, losing all his data he was working on e.t.c.

These notes had taught them that even in the bad times, they could still find happiness. All their fights, in the large scheme of things were absolutely insignificant and miniscule. It was no big deal at all. So in turn, I was determined to keep a list like this whole year. For this whole entire year, I had kept two separate lists on Google Keep with the dates of everything good, and everything bad that had happened to me. Both these lists are incredibly long and personal for me to share here, however re-reading through these lists had invoked similar feelings in me as it did with the couples. When the “bad” things had happened to me, I had felt so terrible and sad at the time, however looking back at it, all that happened was that I took a couple of Ls here and there. Doing this made me appreciate that even though this year had went by so fast for me and everyone alike, I had done a lot in this little timescale. I plan on continuing this little secret “tradition” of mine for next year, and the years to come and I’d advise you try it too!

When New Years roll by know that I’ll be wishing you a Happy one. Keep working towards making yourself a better person, because no matter how good or bad you think you are right now, there is always a better you.

PS. I’d like to continue posting in the future hopefully, and adding additional threads to the old Self-Improvement threads I had thought about. Maybe get my posting count in the 100s hopefully? haha


Welcome back @Carré . That's a very sweet story and a great idea. Happy New Year in advance!

Lol @ the tag!


Thank you @Shamis! Its a lengthy but worthwile idea I hope people would try to implement.

Also, people read tags?
Loool he'll yes, that's where the shade is at!

I would do it but I like resolving differences as soon as possible. I'll definitely adopt it to cheer myself up this time next year though.


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
@Carré you remind me of someone really dear to me.

I hope you post more often some of us would really benefits from you.

John Michael

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Thanks @Carré its always best to keep things in perspective. A lot has happened this year for me, it's hard to appreciate your achievements when they're sandwiched with disappointments sometimes though.

I think I might take your advice, I never make resolutions but I like this idea as its takes a little bit of effort.

Have a happy new year.
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