The video that triggered arabs so bad


f*ck you im from Mudug

Arab beta cuck of all cucks is driving this car while the somali man in the back seat is being fed by an arab woman:chrisfreshhah:

Goatfuckers are mad af:drakelaugh:


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This Dabcasar video is from april 2016, and most of the comments seem sensible nothing like those white supremacist comments
Dabacasar is my hero :dabcasar:

Man is taking advantage of the syrian civil war. The market favorites man like him - an American citizen -, given those girls are desperate refugees.

Seems like the Ummah is functioning well. Muhh One Uh.. Ummah:dabcasar:


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That cheeky laughter at @0.15 always kills me. He knows he's wrong for that :russ:
How would you guys feel if wealthy West Africans took advantage of desperate Somali girls in refugee camps? The FBI should investigate this leech.

Is Dabcaseyr an Imam in Ohio?