The truth is reverts prefer asian girls than somali girls

why not look into your OWN females that are obediant instead of wasting your time with people completely different to you and are racist it doesnt make sense. Your literally sacrificing your entire life for some timojileec lol
Loool not me as i don't see asians attractive unless their the rare ones with nice bodies but i heart belongz tp my one and only *********** plus who else will make me basto n baris while tell me you ain't shit without me warya


loool yh i know theyre hella racist i guess somali americans are the last true somalis in the west most of the girls dont find black men attractive go on twitter and see for yourself theyre repulsed by them especially reer mn. I just find that funny
I know a mn chick Somali and she married to a white boy yall not better than us we going down together uk&us


Somali girls are gorgeous but the uk ones played on their image and run their market value to the ground.

Desperate(check✔) loud and obnoxious (check✔) self hating (check✔) ghetto (check✔) zero fashion sense (check✔) SJW(check✔)

If they could get rid of this bad qualities which I doubt a lot of men would prefer them over those hairy and nose hooked people y’all keep mentioning here.
It's impossible to find a western Halimo not having these bad qualities you mentioned.


@sigmund you might find your self unattractive and find it hard to attract men from different backgrounds, but don't include us all in your plight.

erm I'm the most beautiful somali female to ever exist sis your defo new here since everyone knows I brag about my looks. And I'm not dragging all somali females only the ones that think all reverts are into them am I lying when I say they prefer paler skin females than darker you sound hurt lol
Brilliant thread with so much truth in it. It's so sad and cringe at the same time that somali women look for validation from foreigners (especially reverts), when most of them are not attracted to them at all. The somali girls that really look attractive to foreigners make up less than 1 percent, because of their very light skin color and features.

Somali women remember me of black men, who also look desperately for validation from foreign women, instead of their own black women.


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