The Saudi Jenga is collapsing...

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Remember that recent Saudi purge?

Well, I enjoyed reading this article on it over lunch (dated: 9/11/17):

My humble tuna sandwich and Oasis rafaad combo had never tasted better...

The boy-King is steering the ship in another direction, and the old guard is getting purged and looted in real time. The bastards are being stripped of all the dirty fortunes they amassed. THIS IS GLORIOUS. The people he rounded up are big players. Do you know how much dirt these fuckers have on each other?

Apparently, some even got tortured for their pin-number... :banderas:...The hustle is real.



The boy-King will trigger the next phase, but let's see if the Muslims are retarded enough to fall for it...again. Regardless of the outcome, he's making his people proud that's for sure:

The cuckoo tricks other birds into raising her own youngster. She does this by laying her eggs in the nest of another bird. Unfortunately for her victims, the cuckoo chick is hardly a grateful adoptee. Instead, the chick hatches earlier and grows faster than the other bird’s real brood, forcing the smaller chicks out of the nest to die.


"Where the humus at" - Prince Charles (probably)
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