The Return of Somali Finance & Civilization ANNO 2020

A great team has lead this government, bringing back the dignity of all Somalis. This administration will be here for a long time to come.
Anno 2020 what a year its turning out to be.

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View attachment 96118 majerteen have the largest land in Somalia clearly we are good without dhulbhate iyo Warsangali land the only reason we are backing our brothers Is we don't want them to be part of this so call somaliland aka jegaanland and that will never happen us long the baddest man majerteen Is here
President Cheese is doing a greayt job about debt relief, if true. Good guy in a bad system. So, FGS should not be allowed to borrow till atleast 1M1V

Clear that old debt and any new debt should only be accrued by consensus


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