The reconquista's affect on Islam and the Arab world

After the fall of Moorish Spain under Berber and Arab rule the center of the Islamic world transitioned from Arabs to Turks. The shock waves of this are felt today the Zionist state of Israel would not happen as the Arabs would not have betrayed the caliphate which led to the British taking over Palestine. A Zionist movement would most likely happen but fail to get Palestine so if the reconquista didn't happen we'd have a Zionist UGANDA.


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Reformed J

Imagine if Spain and Portugal were still muslim when they "discovered" the Americas. We'd have dudes in Mexico named Moxamed Peña. :mjlol:
The Reconquista was indeed a game changer, since the center of the Islamic World shifted from Andalusia/North Africa under the Berber Almohad & Almoravid Empires to the rising Ottoman Turkish Empire.
The effects of it are too great to consider. So much of European history is linked to activities in the middle East.

European identity exists because of Islam.
I mean like the Spaniards not building a civilization and raping the women looting resources
or the English who brought children and women to settle and build towns?
Honestly it could have gone either way. I think they would've gone down the same route as the English by bringing large amounts settlers with them(Women & Children); build towns and constantly fight the infidel Native Americans.