the quote challenge

simply try to create your own quote and post it here and if need be you can elucidate its meaning.
please be original. here is mine. CLASS AND STYLE CAN NEVER BE BOUGHT BUT AQUIRED
also advertising slogans welcome. mine for milk company billlboard. IF YOU MUST DRINK AND DRIVE DRINK MILK


i think with my heart
i always tell myself is not ladylike to rush...we take our time
.......and space!
sassy logo tv GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race


SYL supporter
The more one tries to hold water in their hands, the more it will leak.

Basically my mantra about excessive saving and frugality. Refusing to spend on stuff in seek of a “good deal” will often leaving you spending more.


Smooth like glue I will stick with you .

My end is your beginning how fitting .

If she gags and puts your lunch in a bag she is the one .

The Illuminati is acting naughty .

@Basra lips taste like custard.


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