The problem with farmaajo


It's all so tiresome
Somalis from all clans live in a civilized society in the Diaspora but they're still the most savage lot out of all the other immigrants from Africa or the 3rd world countries.

We never had any respect for authority and most clans don't even have a proper ruling hierarchy.

The only way to save Somalia is to accept that aspect of ourselves and build a new society around it.

Even if we all seceded into 4-6 clan countries it won't be 5 years before the subclans start a new civil war.

There are always opportunist around that will seek to profit from these conflicts.

Only solution is an:

Overarching central power to fend of foreigners and keep domestic disputes to a minimum

and city states to give each subclan more autonomy and economic sovereignty.

Natural resources tax revenues get split nationally by each city per capita and each city pays part of their tax to the central government and not the other way round.

Each city state acts like a private corporation and clans that have bankrupted themselves can't go running to a welfare state to bail them out. They can always live if their livestock again.

They should all build their own cities out of pocket and maintain their own infrastructure.

Shared infrastructure like highways and etc can be funded through joint ventures between multiple cities that would gain the most from the infrastructure.

Natural resources are exploited by private corporation and they'll pay market rates if they want access to them.

The central government only has a mandate over the military, foreign affairs and national R&D labs that city states can't afford but the country still needs.
The problem with farmaajo and nabad iyo nolol in general isn’t that their premise is wrong ( being tough on Somalia, no nonsense etc) it’s that they can’t do it and will never be able to do so why bother?

Remember back in school there were the strict teachers that all the kids respected and the ones that tried to act tough but it would only back fire on them. Those subs that would come in and try to control the kids through yelling, but the kids could see through it, no child would be intimidated. In fact they would only further be amused and start bullying the teacher. Because they aren’t naturally powerful, once they lose control of that class there is literally nothing they can do to ever get the respect of the children back

Farmaajo wasted so much of his term trying to discipline them like MSB but he will never be barre he doesn’t even have his own army

He wasted 2 years he would never get back. Instead of wasting time on useless endeavors he could have spent that time doing something that would promote positivity and put him in a better light like a literacy campaign, agricultural projects, well building etc seriously, who said foreign my os should do these things, why isn’t it a concern for the leader of the country??

Security is a priority but it’s not like things haven’t gotten worse anyway. Dare I say Somalia was safer under HSM :manny:
Are you related to one or both as their both the same


It's all so tiresome
You’re making me depressed! lol! Say it ain’t so, seriously.

You've never seen/heard groups of Somali kids on public transportation or whenever else they congregate in Germany.

I heard of some worse horror stories in the UK and Canada.

Not saying that we're bad people... we just have issues we need to reconcile with lol.
Somalis especially those in the war torn South NEED a heavy handed approach but at the same time they don’t want to be ruled by government and law and order they are stubborn its not gonna work Z00malis are like the mafia can you reason and negotiate with mafia? you either kill them or jail them they only understand force what they want ideally and what’s good for them don’t match

The Sayid once remark " I dare a man to rule somalis with out chopping off their heads"

somalis, arabs, afruicans, indians, need an extremely heavy hadedness, they are not ready for civlisation, they do not take orders from each other and look at the greater good,

did yuo know the arabs went to war with sirale several times, always more powerful, new weapns, more man, but generals, presdeinst etc woud be xasid on eac other to make sure the army did not turn against him, so he feared them and made sure they were weak as they were double edge sword,

thats just one example we are dealing with, in somalia no one wants the gov to get strong for they fear a man would arise like siad barre and take over, so deep down they make sure the country is ungovernable,

somalis invented real politik, waa masters of real politik, didn't Somalis expose Richard Burton was fake muslim by exposing him apparently to urinate, because he did it standing up, somalis said you are a gaal, yet this man pretended to be a muslim and did haji just to spy on arabs and infiltrate Islams holiest sites, but because we practice real politik we expose the son of a *****