The presidential debate

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On unemployment.

Ciro. Unemployment is the major problem for the country. We will create and encourage the local and foreign investment. we will encourage the livestock, agriculture, fish sectors to grow. 5 years time we will create 15000 jobs.

Faisal. I will make the country to be invested. I'll invite Somali business forum. We'll make friendly environment for the investment. I will make an investment commission. I have many connections if elected. I will ensure investors to get insurance.

Muse. I will make the graduates to do a national service. we will give financial support for nomads to construct productive assets, like dams, roads. For universities, we'll add skills programs to get people go in works. We'll build the infrastructure to get many people in jobs. investment will be highly encouraged.


On economy.

Muuse The inflation can be fought through production. We're 4 millions, I give the agriculture to be the principal area to develop, I will involve business to invest and will make Somaliland agriculture to be heavily invested by giving insurances. The bank will be enforced, the hard currency will be managed.

Ciro. the center to deal the inflation is the bank. I will give dependency, I will create the commercial bank of Somaliland. The production of currency will be limited to avoid corruption.

Faisal. I will make sure the circulation of currency throughout the country. I will diversify the economy. I will encourage the medium and small business. We make the country a export oriented country. I will bring all Somalis to here to invest, I will make the country a logistical hub. in 5 years I will make the country better.


A mix of everything but I think my inner Mudug and Xamar accent dominates

Team walaaley.

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This is my reaction to the debate :

Cirro: I will fix it .....(silence) ...

Bixi: I will murder the employment problem, I've murdered many things in Borama once

Faysal: We need to revamp our education system. We need to farm what we eat, we shouldn't be importing. My government would open vocational schools not more useless "Universities". Btw Cirro you look like the Daili Lama and your party colors is Buddhist. Dhhredgjjddjtvhjjbbhtfwdjjjgffgfffffff
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