i notice a lot of cynicism in here about love somalis tend to be quite skeptical about this wonderful gift from god
the ability to share feelings with people and moments in your life that leave a deep mark in your innermost being.
its not an emotional flaw to empathise deeply with your fellow beings but a blessing to be invaluably cherished.
somalis tend to see it as an unmacho thing but on the contrary its the true mark of a courageous and brave human being
whether male or female to be able to let their heart over flow with the sweet tenderness of a pain or ecstasy to deep to be
expressed by words but the tears of appreciation of either joy or pain for love is a companion of both emotions. somalis
learn to live free by getting in touch with your innermost you in all its glory and shun the notion that it takes anything away
from either your manhood or femalehood for that matter.anything to the contrary is missing out on living. even your deen states
in reported hadiths it is said if you love your brother inform him so and also give to each other so that you may love each other.
anyone who comes up with ohh its a sissy or wimpy thing i say to thee go and hide your cowardice from us for its fear that blocks
you from love not anything closely resembling machones. ask us the truly macho guys who laugh and cry and yearn for more.