The people of cadaado dhuusomareeb threaten farmaajo

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He called me "Somalidid" because he got called out. He doesn't discuss qabils because he wouldn't last in somalispot with his :mjlol:beel
I've been in this site on and off since early 2016 while you've been here for 10 days or so talking bout I won't last. Saxiib you don't know shit.
I didn't mean it as an insult, sorry. I just mean you often use words like mooryan now, I know you're not a qabilist.
Mooryaan is one of the funniest words in the Somali language for some reason :mjlol: if it offends people so much I need to reduce how much I use it as people are sensitive es nowadays.
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Nah I just hate qabyaalad in both ways. I don't make fun of qabils. Everyone should focus on improving themselves instead of bothering with others.

The Hawiyes will never accept you. Come join us. There's always a space for talent in our team.

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