The Palestinians are getting wiped


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Imagine we had this type of footage in world war 2. Would have been amazing to watch

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some of you guys do not understand why Hamas sends rockets, so here is a video(6.02)


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Palestine has this lost war, the Arab countries have not helped much in all this time

Palestine has this lost war, the Arab countries have not helped much in all this time

i have no doubt israel will win(for our lifetime atleast), but they will become the most hated ppl in the process and leftists won’t censor anti semetism anymore, alt righters gonna go wild and average person on social media gonna turn nazi-like. not rlly a win in my book if everyone hates your existence
jews slowly eat u from the inside wow

You have no idea. The Palis are winning this conflict on the long run. The two state solution is pushed by Israel for a good reason Palis have high birth rates and number around 10 million people 7 millions in Israel/Palitsine proper. Palis outnumber the Jews and have higher birth rates.

Israel shooting itself on the foot pandering to Orthodox Right Wing by building settlements in the West Bank. The more settlements they built the less likely 2 state solution will be a viable option.

In the future a modern Israel will be forced to integrate Palistinians into the state which means they become either permanent residents or Israeli citizens in both cases they will outnumber the jews in any elections.

The 2 state solution is in Israel's interest to limit large Arab population in small pockets and call them Palistine. A single unified state would allow Arabs to form a majority in Israel. Jews are trying to avoid the fate of South Africa due to being langaab lol
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There are 2 million Palis in nearby Jordan if they were allowed to join it's game over for Israel that's why they're apposing the right of return for Palistinian diaspora/refugees as it will give Arabs huge majority in any elections.

7 million Jews vs 10 million Palis. The latter group also have higher birth rates and constitute a minority within Israel (20% of Israel population is made of Palestinian Arabs)