The Official NFL Thread

Prime time game against Cardinals with no Brady, Gronk, Lewis, Vollmer, Ninkovich:bell:

Hope Jones doesn't have a field day on Garoppolo.:damn:

Ya'll qaxotis didn't make your fantasy teams ha? Ya'll missing out on all the fun.:manny:

Pats might win lol

Bill Belichick >

Bernie Madoff

Afhayeenka SL
Lol they almost won
Them packers arent looking good so far


I missed the last minute but the boys done their jobs.

Next 3 games are at home. More confident. Bill will prepare Garoppolo for the defenses of Dolphins, Texans and Bills.:manny:

Yo I'm :deadmanny::russ:
Where's my nigga Freebandz :cryinglaughsmiley:
Williams fuking up and Dez going Mia. He had 8 yds lmao:chrisfreshhah::mjlol:


I'm losing 77-67 to this nigga but I got Brown playing for me tomorrow. Down just 10 hopefully Brown kills it tomorrow.

This nigga ate good with Murray and Luck.:bell:

I Should've benched Wilson. :bell: Mariota had a better day.


He should retire. It's pretty clear that his body is not made for football.

Probably that PAWG curse :pachah1:
It's hella sad bruh:mjcry: Dude could kill it but like you said his body ain't made for this.

Btw your boy Eli started giving out free interceptions already :russ: I'm happy for Cruz tho. Good to see him back.:salute: