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Wtf I didn't change anything. If I did, it would say "last edited".
That wasn't the only time you called yourself "alt right liberal" :heh:


So what will it take for me to prove I'm not some crazed antifa supporter? I don't consider myself part of a label that Trump made up a week ago

Your profile and tag fits your protest reply to being on the list :icon lol:
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If that's the case that was unintentional

My point still stands
Though knowing how stubborn you are you're probably not going to change anything so


You claimed Trump made the term up but he didn't. It was the Democrats. It was used back in 2016 by the media and the establishment Democrats.

Very dishonest.



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It didn't because I used to call myself that before. Everyone knows that.

What everyone doesn't know is @GodKnowsBest sudden conversion to the Islamic faith. We all knew she was a troll but everyone gave her the benefit of the doubt.
Waryahee, don't drag me into this.


You're in on this one alone aboowe macaan.


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Welcome back AJ, I see you defeated that writers block and got your groove back.

Alt Left isn't a thing. You can put anyone who isn't right wing in that category and accuse them of being alt left, which ins't really a thing. And the fact that you'd group me and @ArchBishopofAtheism in the same category proves that.

I'm a Classical Liberal for the most, with a dash of Democratic Socialism.
I am 100% pro Islamic theology and Philosophy.
When it comes to Somalia, I'm not Pro westernization and Secularization of everything.

I'm Alt Left Kulahaa :drakelaugh:. In how many threads did I vehemently disagree with some of the lefts "Progressive values"
Liberalism in the economic sense, I like aspects of of democratic socialism, free Healthcare, Collage, Taxation, etc, etc. I also like aspects of capitalism but not too much free market, bc they'll rig the system in their favor. That's why you need big government in certain areas, and for enforcing laws against discrimination, (stopping businesses from turning people away bc of religion, race, disabilities, ect). Which all these things are left leaning for the most part.
But I also don't agree with everything left or "Progressive", I consider shit like "LGBTQQIP2SAA" ; which is not a computer coding but is the actual extended acronym of LGBT, and the apparent 63-76 different pronouns/genders, to be a mental disorder.

I guess you could say I'm a Classical Liberal, but there's not a real definition bc it's been hijacked by right wingers that are not happy with how idiotic conservationists in the country are so they jumped ship and tainted the image of classical liberlism and filled it with neocons, libertarians, and people that cater to alt righters.
That's why I call myself left leaning liberal bc it's the closest to the now hijacked classical liberalism
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