the next big thing

i predict that the next big thing in this world is going to be therapy. seeing that whether knowingly or not probably more than half of humanity are suffering from some form of mental disorder and the number is increasingly rapidly therapy in a number of myriad ways and manners is going to be in great demand. mental disorders are so subtle and pervasive in modern society today that most of us havent even woken up to its symptoms yet. their is an intrinsic feeling in most of us thats something is way wrong but we cant somehow put our fingers on what it is. hypnosis is one way of control and at the moment we are at the age of electronic hypnosis ( thats what social media and internet are all about ) and soon with metaverse and virtual realty we are going to sink into deeper entanglement. the kings of the future are going to be those who can pull people from this predicament. what we are seeing is a complete configuration of reality by the jinn world through their man servants. therapy will mean reconfiguring the mind to default settings. we are all being slowly turned into marauding zombies with zapped minds. we are truly in the jinn era in our human history
Ngl many somali parents could benefit from therapy, instead of seeking help for their PTSD they take it out on their kids.
just your parents, if your talking about being abuse thats one thing, but if its discipline, thats another.
Lmao my parents are not like that thankfully, but I've heard a lot of stories of abuse and parents taking out their problems on their kids.

I agree, discipline is fine, but some people's ideas of "discipline" are pretty messed up, and border on abuse, like you said.
tbh, most people could do with therapy. You don't have to be mentally ill to need it.

I'd recommend pre-marital counselling to anyone thinking of getting married. You wanna ensure you have the same goals and values as your partner.