The Names of God in Somali

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Baahilaawe - 'He who is without need or want'

Bogsiiye - 'the Curer, the Healer'

Dile - 'the Killer, He who causes death'

Eebbe - 'Master, Lord'

Guulle - 'the Victor, He who gives victory'

Hagaaje/Hagaajiye - 'the Amender, the Corrector, He who leads to the right path'

Hanuunshe - 'He who leads to the Right Way'

Hidije/Kare - 'the Bestower of Bounties, He who has the power to bestow'

Hodmiye/Badaadshe - 'the Enricher, Creator of Wealth'

Kaalmeeye/Gargaare - 'the Helper'

Koobe - 'the Accounter, the Numberer'

Korreye/Sarreeye - 'The Exalted, He who is On High'

Madinte - 'the Everlasting, He who does not die'

Mahadaale/Galladaale - 'He who thanks must be given'

Nooleeye - 'the Creator, the Giver of Life, the Reviver'

Roone - 'the Generous, the Most Beneficent'

Sameeye/Abuure - 'the Maker, He who creates from nothing'

Siiye - 'the Giver, He who grants'

Ururiye/Ururshe - 'the Gatherer, He who summons the dead to account'

Waaq - 'God'

Waare/Jire - 'the Eternal, He who lives forever'

Weyne - 'the Great, the Immense'
Great thread. We need to use Somali rites to glorify Allah. Arabic is not our language. We need to defend our tongue, culture, dress, naming convention from Arab imperialism.
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