The N-Word

Depends on the mood im in tbh. A drunk white guy called me and a few man nig nogs once :drakelaugh: he regretted it and told this is england, no milky.


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When nıggers say I am a nigga, it doesn't bother me.

If pork-chops tell me I am a nigga, I give them a long lecture on how Somalis are the long lost Cushitic race of white people in Africa. They leave confused, probably thinking "This nıgger is a crack-head and hallucinating".


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Would you get angry if a white called you N? Do you believe it's caadi to use violence if someone calls you N?
I would be mad in the sense that I nor my ancestors were ever slaves, but it's not enough to push me to get violent to the point where I feel my ancestors pain due to what they went through.
Qof baa ku cusuriyeynaayo and people here just letting it slide?? Wallahi some weak people here, never let someone disrespect you, some of you would probably freeze if an qof cadaan ni caynilahay what the fuck am I reading?? Feer kudhufo haddii rag tahay


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Would you get angry if a white called you N? Do you believe it's caadi to use violence if someone calls you N?

No i wont. I am brown melanin. The word Negroi.d means black. We Somalis have better nose and features than arabs

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This scenario is not new for me, the place where i live is filled with ignorant people trying to jump in on the current hype for ethnic people.

They call me ****** to either try to be funny or to dehumanize me.

I always laugh it off and say while you are at it call me a ching Chong little eye because i ain't no ****** either.

Then i insult them about world war 2 where they learned german in like 14 days.

And the ending must be so hard for then that they cry. So i always choose to say whatever happened in somalia we have never had a anne frank. Basically we never hid from our neighbour's and we definitely never surrendered after the bombing of a city. Hell an entire kingdom was bombed to the ground and we still fought them *****es.

How can you stop fighting after one city got partially destroyed
I don’t like the N word, because it’s cay.

I don’t understand this concept of reclaiming insults, and frankly I think that’s dumb. As it stands nothing is being reclaimed, because it’s still a racist word. All they’ve done is keep it alive and help it pass down the generations so whites/Asians from age 3-100 know what it is and how to use it.

To your Q: If I was called it, I would be angry but not violent.