The most funnieste episode of sspot


LOVE wins over HATE
Let Them Eat Cake
I still laugh when I think of this episode...
So there's this member called Warsame21 if I remember correctly, he is really strange, behaves like a girl but claims to be a guy...Anyways he often makes threads in the nsfw section and in one thread he asked the guys how long they can hold during sex, so the funny part is all the guys are puffing their chest up and exaggerating how long they can hold, some legends are even claiming they can hold more than an hour etc.. So in the middle of all this testosterone exchange Warsame21 comes ind and writes delightful, the goofs just continue without any notice of this comment and I'm thinking how normal is it for a guy to write something like that in the middle of a testosterone filled room and no one even notices it :russ: :mjlol: :deadmanny:

What delightful thing did he write???????? U didn't quote it. Bad reportage if u ask me,

by the way @Warsame21 is a dhulbahante, atheist who may probably be bisexual or gay, not sure. He does have a suave, sophisticated soul tho.