The man I hate most in this world

He’s named Matthew Bryden

Such a smug condescending kuffar prick that thinks he is above Somalis and can dictate our trajectory for us

The most disgusting thing is that he is a kuffar that is married to a Somali kuffar women which has birthed him some three children who will be raised as kuffars

Disgusting she has even numerous high standing political connections in Somalia which has benefited that low creature


Woman's rights activist
I legit think he's that way to get revenge for the Canadian troop that died in the 90s since he's former military


Woman's rights activist
People should be wary of all these ngo Cadaan men. Unless they're doing islamic aid, they're most likely up to no good.

@Susa does that link say he was fired from the un or he just left?


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