The Lion of Mogadishu has passed away


A Ugandan gaal will never be the "Lion of Mogadishu" with all due respect. Xamar cadey is in the gutter we have Turkish flags everywhere and bantus being labeled libaaxa muqdisho.

mr steal your naag

banu hashim and shiettt
He's Just Giving Condolences To A Fellow Brother
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He came to cleanse terrorism in Somalia. From ras casayr in Puntland to ras kambooni in Jubbaland, and everything in between. He was the Lion of the Somalian nation :salute:

Former President of Somalia pays his respects to the Lion
Southern men have become feminine what a shame. From a former president calling a dead bantu the "Lion of Muqdisho" to others calling Farmaajo "Aabo".

I wonder how much the bantu population increased in Muqdisho since their boys are calling the shots in Muqdisho.


Somali, is a race
I avoided the thread thinking it was about the actual lion in Muqdisho zoo, I thought, of course its dead, the lion looked starved. Ileen theyre talking about a dead Ugandese gaal, Ceeb Allah noo ma dilo. We need to wage war on these old heads, including the traditional elders and the so called culimo they have shamed us all and will continue to do so.